CHEE Leader Team Contact & Other Information

CHEE Leader Team Members are volunteer members whose responsibilities include but are not limited to organizing and scheduling classes, overseeing the general flow of Monday co-op activities, helping new members, stewarding CHEE finances, mediating conflict, maintaining the CHEE website, and making organizational decisions for the good of the group as a whole.

Leader Team Members may change or switch roles throughout the year as necessary for the benefit of the group and/or to accommodate individual abilities and schedules. New Leader Team Members are chosen by current team members based on, among other things, the number of years of active involvement with CHEE, the level of commitment to CHEE during those years, financial responsibility, and an obvious spirit of unity and display of Biblical beliefs and principles.

Regardless of someone’s “title,” please feel free to contact any leader team member with questions or problems! We are glad to be here and will help you however we can or direct you to the right person. No position is better or more important than the other team members. We each have strengths and weaknesses, so it is only by working together that we make a balanced team! The same is also true of our group as a whole: all members are valued and necessary to the function of this organization, and when we put all of our talents and abilities together, we create something wonderful for our children!

General Co-op Information & Academic Classes:

Amy Brooks (Financial Coordinator)
Kristi Brooks (Volunteer Coordinator, Class Coordinator, Church Liaison)

Joy Harvill (Elementary Class Coordinator)

Homeschool Arts Academy:

Rebecca Moore (Fine Arts Class Coordinator, Middle & High School Advisor)

Website Issues and Questions:

Please contact the Website Administrator