IOWA standardized testing (ordered from Bob Jones University) is typically offered each year for CHEE members. Tests may be available for K5-12th grades, depending on the availability of test administrators. Please see or contact Kristi Brooks (cheegazette@gmail.com) if you have a four-year degree or teacher certification and are interested in helping with test administration.

Non-members of CHEE are welcome to join in our testing provided that signup/payment deadlines are met and we have the necessary number of test administrators.

Members are not required to do this testing through CHEE, but it is an option available to you. Please check with your accountability association for testing requirements. Members who have a Bachelor's Degree or a Teacher Certification may volunteer to help administer the test. Other members may be asked to be a class assistant or help with childcare for younger children. All participants are asked to bring snack for their child's testing group for at least one of the test days.

Please email us at "cheegazette@gmail.com" with questions regarding IOWA testing.